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Erwin’s Road

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography discovers a new name in photography and presents the solo-exhibition of the intriguing Russian-German photographer Erwin Volkov Erwin’s Road. The exhibition features over sixty black-and-white photographs of the 1950s – 1960s from the newly-discovered archive. 
Erwin Volkov (1920–2003) is a person of remarkable background and talent. He is the son of the World War I German captive and a Russian Petersburger Nadezhda Volkova. Sharing the same fate as his father’s, Erwin was taken prisoner by the Soviet army in the South of the USSR in 1942. The following six years he spent in the Soviet Union and afterwards was sent to East Germany to work in the media. In 1957 a keen traveller, journalist, author of a number of books about Moscow and Leningrad and talented photographer Erwin Volkov sets off on a half-a-year grand journey around the USSR, commissioned by the East German newspaper Wochenpost. 




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